About Us

In high altitude …who needs oxygen?

CrossFit Low Oxygen is not your typical gym…we’re located at 8,750 feet above sea level in the heart of the Rocky Mountains!   We believe in the principals of CrossFit and strive to create the best athletes from the inside out by using constantly varied, functional movements at a high-intensity.  “Functional movements” are organic in nature, a large part of our everyday life, and are built on the mechanics of what our bodies are made to do…it’s in our DNA!  Our workouts, like life; are constantly varied…we train to expect the unexpected.  CrossFit Low Oxygen is a solid and supportive community of athletes who recognize the importance of fitness and are open to educate and learn from one another.  No matter what your fitness level or athletic abilities, we’re here to help you reach your goals and get more out of life.  Here at CrossFit Low Oxygen, we know our athletes tend to play hard outside and we can give them the tools to pedal faster, hike farther, and be more aggressive in deep powder!  There are no egos here.  A “can do” attitude and the willingness to learn is all you need to start your path to success.  Our coaches are here to help you become a balanced athlete in strength, speed and endurance. We expect you to work hard…and breathe harder.

Our focus

We do all of our own programming here at CFLO2.  The reason we desire so much control…we’re able to give our athletes the broadest approach to a constantly varied environment.  This approach is not only applied to movement, it’s also applied to various energy pathways and strength training.  Every week will include strength training and skill work performed through WOD’s that will challenge every type of athlete.

Time to start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable…