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WOD Friday, 18 April

Apr 17, 2014Comments off106 Views

Question of the Day: What animal have you never seen that you have always wanted to? Warmup: 2 Sets: 10 Kipping Swings 10 Steps Walking


WOD Thursday, 17 April

Apr 16, 2014Comments off114 Views

Question of the Day: What made you want to try CrossFit? Warmup: 3 Min Hip Mobility Row 200m @ 50% 2 Sets: 8 Med Ball


WOD Wednesday, 16 April

Apr 15, 2014Comments off170 Views

Question of the Day: What is your biggest accomplishment in CrossFit so far? Warmup: Run 200m Run 200m Backwards 3 Sets: 7 Toes to Bar


WOD Tuesday, 15 April

Apr 14, 2014Comments off172 Views

Question of the Day: Do you prefer it to be hot or cold when you sleep? Warmup: Row 400m @ 50-75% 2 Sets: 10 PVC


WOD Monday, 14 April

Apr 13, 2014Comments off182 Views

Congratulations to Mark Plautz and Sarah Boyd for a great showing at their competition this weekend!! Question of the Day: What was the best part


Partner WOD Saturday, 12 April

Apr 11, 2014Comments off119 Views

Question of the Day: Coach’s Choice Warmup: Coach’s Choice   WOD: 8 Min AMRAP: P1: Run 200m P2: Push Up Plank Hold Rest 2 Min


WOD Friday, 11 April

Apr 10, 2014Comments off141 Views

Question of the Day: What do you think happened to the Malaysian Airliner? Warmup: 3 Min Front Rack Mobility 2 Sets: 10 Wall Bal Shots


WOD Thursday, 10 April

Apr 09, 2014Comments off128 Views

Question of the Day: Who is your favorite athlete in any sport? Warmup: 2 Sets: Run 200m 10 Spiderman Push Ups 10 Steps Walking Lunge


WOD Wednesday, 9 April

Apr 08, 2014Comments off177 Views

Question of the Day: What is something you are afraid of? Warmup: 3 Min Hamstring Mobility 2 Sets: 10 Bandy Good Mornings 10 Bandy Pull


WOD Tuesday, 8 April

Apr 07, 2014Comments off183 Views

Question of the Day: Where were you born? Warmup: Run 400m 2 Sets: 30 Mountain Climbers (15R/15L) 20 Forward/Back Bends 10 KB RDL 2 Min