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1. Are you a Summit County Resident looking for a test spin?

Free Trial Class

No CROSSFIT EXPERIENCE NEEDED Sign up for a one Free Trial and see you there!!

2. Are you Visiting or want just a day pass?

Drop In Class

Price: $20 or $50 for one week (7 day expiration)
This training option is for athletes who are familiar with CrossFit and looking to drop-in on a group WOD…we’d love to have you!  In town for a longer period of time, we also offer a weekly drop-in rate for $50

Women’s on Weds. Drop In Class

Price: $15 daily drop in


3. New to CrossFit and Ready to Start Intro Classes?

Acclimation Intro Classes
Price: $60 
The ACCLIMATION Course is essential in establishing your path to improved health and wellness.  In this Four-class course, you will be taught the foundational movements of CrossFit in a small group with an experienced CrossFit Instructor.  The instructor will ensure you have all of the tools necessary to be successful during the Group WODs.   The course is designed to alleviate any fears or nerves you may have about CrossFit or working out in general.  It allows everyone to start on the same page by learning and practicing the movements that you will be using while training at CrossFit Low Oxygen.  Acclimation is mandatory if you’re new to CrossFit.

4. CrossFitter Looking for a Membership?

We have 3 different types and 3 different payment options based on commitment:

1. Monthly Unlimited 
Price: $150 per month/ $140 WITH 1 YR. AGREEMENT
This membership option allows you to participate in as many Group WODs and Specialty Classes as you’d like.  Please let us know if you’re interested and we can chat about the details.  There are additional discounts available when you sign up in advance for six and twelve month memberships.


Price: $110 per month/$100 WITH 1 YR AGREEMENT
Two GROUP WODs per week. There are additional discounts available when you sign up in advance for six and twelve month memberships.

3. Early Bird Membership

Price :$79 monthly auto pay for any classes before 9am

5. Have a Teenager interested in CrossFit?

We offer Teens on Tuesdays and Thursdays right after school (walking distance from SMS)


$70 with 120 day expiration

TEENS Monthly Unlimited:

$65 with auto pay and access to Open Gym times


6. CrossFitter/Non CrossFitter looking for Personal Coaching?

Personal Coaching

Price: $75 per hour
Whether you’re trying to master a specific skill, or you perform better in a more personalized setting, a private training session is a great way to progress towards your goals.  Under constant direction from one of our coaches, you’ll be able to apply extra focus and attention to more technical movements or movements that have been sitting on the shelf for awhile. There’s no better way to tap into our experience, knowledge, and passion. To schedule your private training session please send us an email using the link below.  One of our coaches will contact you to setup your appointment.

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