This Week @ CFLO2…

WODs for the Week:
Monday: Start the week with some L Seated KB/DB Press and some Gymnastics work with some Roll to Candlesticks. Follow that up with a quick hitting workout involving Clean and Jerks, Lunges Holding Weight and Knees to Elbows.

Tuesday: Work on that grip strength with some rounds of Rowing, Plate Ground to Overhead, Plate Squats and Farmer’s Carries!

Wednesday: The middle of the week brings us a ladder of Ring Rows, KB Swings, Wall Balls and Burpees!

Thursday: This is gonna be a good one! We will start with a “Death by Rowing for Cals” with a Pistol twist and close it out with some Tabata push up and sit up work.

Friday: Close out the week with some strength work with some Good Mornings and Russian Step Ups. Then get ready for a quick and nasty METCON with Double Unders, Deadlift and Bicycles.

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