Tues, 16 May Strength Lower


Coach Nick is moving the end of the month and we are throwing him a “Nick Bro Tank” WOD Weds, 24th 6pm and Taco Bar after wod. Come throw down with him to send him off in style.

CrossFit Low Oxygen – Strength AM


Warm-up (No Measure)


Floor slider ham curls supine


Reverse hypers w/ ankle weights”


A): Deadlift Deficit 4″ (10@60%, 8@65%, 6@70%, 4@75%, 2@80%)

B): ME Deadlift @75% BW (1 Set for Max Reps)

ME Deadlift @75% BW

C): Squat straight weight top set (1 x8)

D): Bamboo Bar Box step ups (3×8 each leg)

20/24″ 8 each leg

E): Single leg banded hip bridge (4x 10 each leg)

F): 100 Russian Twists for time (Time)

100 Russian Twists for TIME

Must touch both hands on ground behind hip each rep counts as 1

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