Weds, 17 May WOD


Coach Nick is moving the end of the month and we are throwing him a “Nick Bro Tank” WOD Weds, 24th 6pm and Taco Bar after wod. Come throw down with him to send him off in style.

CrossFit Low Oxygen – Group WOD


Warm-up (No Measure)

100 Single Jumps

2 sets: 45 sec Plank Hold

2 Min Samson Stretch

2 min Wall squat stretch

1 Min Cat stretch

1 Min Forearm stretch

10 Light WB


Regional Event 3 Workout 2017 (Time)

100ft OH DB Lunges

100 DU

50 Wall Balls

10 Rope Climbs

50 Wall Balls

100 DU

100ft OH DB Lunges

Men: 80 DB/ 30 MB

Women: 55 DB/ 20 MB

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